LEAKED : Google Play Edition Galaxy S5 Coming Soon?

We have heard rumors about the Google Play Edition Galaxy S5 from the time the S5 launched back in March. Now we start getting leaked renders. As always, this new leak comes to us from @Evleaks and this shows off the Galaxy S5’s Google Play Edition Cousin.

This doesn’t come to us as a surprise after seeing the Google Play Edition HTC One (M8) soon after it’s launch. The Google Play Edition devices have been appreciated by many because they pack really high end specs with Pure Android with OTAs directly from Google.

The downside to going GPE with this phone is that you lose all of the unique software features that Samsung’s baked into its very own interpretation of Android. But some people will just like this.

The Galaxy S5 GPE will be launched soon and probably be sold for around $599-699, exclusively in the Play Store just like the current devices.

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Source – @Evleaks