Sony & Rockstar Compares the PS3 & PS4 Versions of GTA V

GTA V is releasing on the Current Generation consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One on November 18 and it will come to the PC early next year. As one would expect, there is a significant overhaul to the way the game looks on the new current generation consoles compared to the last generation one PS3 and Xbox 360.

Sony and Rockstar have released a new video that compares the visual quality of the new GTA V on PS4 compared to the PS3. The new version runs at full 1080p with higher resolution textures, improved draw distance, improved reflections and higher characters on screen at once.

Checkout the Video below,

GTA V is also going to have an Optional First Person Mode in GTA V, that will look stunning apart from the other new things.

So What do you think? It looks amazing doesn’t it? Now take a few minutes and Imagine what the PC Version will look like in 4k.

Source – Playstation