Samsung patents a Ring-operated Smartwatch

Smartwatches are getting interesting day by day. It is the new trend, and a lot of companies are making Smart watches. Samsung is trying to make something a bit different to what we see in the Android Wear world now.

Samsung is planning to put a rotatable ring around the display and by using this they are planning to make the UI work accordingly. This might hear a bit similar to the Crown Jewel on the Apple Watch, but only Samsung’s approach has a bigger ring – and maybe different features.


According to Sammobile, Samsung’s patent dates back to 2013, suggesting the company has been working on the idea of a rotating ring on a smartwatch for quite some time. We have heard about the Rumored Round Smartwatch by Samsung, so we might see this new technology implemented on that. At this point it is not clear whether the device will run Android Wear, or a Tizen based OS by Samsung. Let’s wait and see.

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Source – Patentscope

Via – Sammobile