OnePlus Two officially unveiled as the “2016 Flagship Killer”

The day is finally here. OnePlus has just unveiled the OnePlus Two. It was unveiled to the world in style in the world’s first VR product launch, and I would say everything went smoothly (At Least for me, using Google Cardboard). OnePlus Two calls the OnePlus Two the 2016 Flagship killer and the company claims that the device is a product of the future.

The all new OnePlus Two has Better specs, and slightly improved design over the OnePlus One.

OnePlus claims that it packs a “Gorgeous design”, and it has the same Sandstone back with a aluminum alloy rim. It’s certainly premium looking, and It looks ok in my opinion, not the best and most definitely not the worst, but I will judge how good it is when I get my hands on one. When that happens you can definetly expect a Video at Andro Dollar.

There is a new button in place on the side, which acts like the mute switch Apple has on the iPhones. OnePlus calls this the Alert slider and it allows you to go from no notifications, priority notifications to All Notifications.

The Two packs a 5.5″ 1080p IPS LCD display wrapped in Gorilla Glass, and according to OnePlus this is not the same display used on the OnePlus One, instead this is a newer display unit with better brightness levels, and viewing angles. This may be a smart move by OnePlus by going with a FHD display, but all the spec-heads might be slightly disappointed that we didn’t get a QHD Display.

The OnePlus Two features a physical home button at the front of the device, and this doubles as the fingerprint sensor. According to OnePlus it’s “SuperFast”, and OnePlus CEO went on to say that “It’s faster than the iPhones”. Users can store up to five fingerprints in the device as well. There are 2 capacitive buttons on either side of the home button and these can be customized to be used either as the Back or Menu.

The device will be powered by the newer Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor v2.1 with Adreno 430 GPU There will be 2 models; One with 3GB of Ram and 16GB on built in storage and the other with 4GB of Ram and 64GB of built in storage. It is worth noting that the OnePlus Two doesn’t offer Micro SD Card support. The OnePlus Two will however feature global dual sim support with 4G.

The Two has a 3300mAh Battery to power the device. It is also rocking the latest USB standard, USB Type-C. This means it will be fully reversible. It comes with a Type C cable in the box and this makes it future proof, and with an adapter you can use the old cables and accessories as well. The Two also has a removable back cover with optional style swap covers, which allows you to change the back easily.


Now let’s talk about the Camera, The OnePlus Two packs a 13MP Camera and an aperture of f/2.0. They have added OIS & Laser Auto Focusing which will help take clear shots in less that 0.3 seconds. There is a super resolution mode which allows you to take 50MP images just like we saw with Oppo last year and there is also a Slow Motion mode along with a Timelapse mode. We can record 4K Videos with the OnePlus Two as well. For all the selfie enthusiests, the Front Facing Camera is a 5MP unit.

Now let’s get to the software. As expected the OnePlus Two runs on Android 5.1.1 with Oxygen OS on top. This is not Pure Android, but it is a slightly themed version by OnePlus with “no gimmicks”. OnePlus wants to target Performance over Gimmicks. There is a Handy Dark mode in place, which allows users to easily make everything dark. There are features like tuning the LED indicator and changing the launcher settings. There is also an App Permissions manager where users can decide what each app can use.

Sad part however is that there is no Quick Charging, NFC or Wireless charging built in to the OnePlus Two. It would have been awesome if they could have added those as well, but i guess at the price it is sold at we can’t expect everything.

With that let’s get to the killer part of the OnePlus Two, the Price! The OnePlus promised that it will be priced below $450, and as promised, the OnePlus Two will be priced at $329 for a model with 16GB of built-in memory, and $389 for the Higher end model with 64GB of internal memory. The OnePlus Two will be available for Sale on August 11th and in Q4 of this year it will be coming to South East Asia.


The company also announced that it would be opening pop-up experience stores in cities around the world. This will help potential consumers get a better idea about the device, before spending their money.

In order to buy the OnePlus Two you will require an invite. However, this time around the manufacturer promises that invites will be much easier to get a hold of due to larger inventory. You can register here to reserve an invite if you’re interested.

So are you pumped up about the OnePlus Two, and did you register for an Invite? Sound off in the comments below and Share the News with your friends so that they will know what the much anticipated OnePlus Two is rocking.