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Wireless Charging is now possible on Premium Metal devices thanks to Qualcomm’s WiPower

Wireless charging has got more and more popular and mainstream mainly for the ease of use. There’s been just one problem, right now we can’t use wireless charging on phones with metal backs; but that’s about to change.

Qualcomm has announced that it’s managed to make wireless charging work for devices with metal backs, without the need for any additional cases.

Checkout the video detailing the information,

Qualcomm’s wireless charging tech is called WiPower, and the company promises it will be compatible with the Rezence standard. Mobile device manufacturers will be able to incorporate WiPower in their metal products in the future. The required techniques and reference designs have been made available to Qualcomm’s partners today.

With the growing trend of using metal in smartphone construction, this is certainly good news. It’s also good to note that WiPower allows devices to be charged wirelessly without the need for precise alignment or even direct physical contact between the charger and the product it’s charging. Furthermore, the technology enables simultaneous charging of multiple devices. That will be a major plus.

The future of wireless charging is going to be pretty bright. Are you excited?