Motorola is not launching any smartwatches anytime soon

For most Motorola fans, just that title will be heart breaking. The Moto 360 was the smartwatch that grabbed the attention of many and made most people even consider a smartwatch but today Motorola has confirmed that they aren’t working on a smartwatch to release in early 2017 with the release of the latest version of Android Wear.

During a Motorola press event in Chicago this week, the company’s head of global product development, Shakil Barkat, said the Lenovo-owned tech company doesn’t see “enough pull form the market at this point to put out a new product” when discussing the Moto 360 smartwatch. “Wearables do not have broad enough appeal for us to continue to build on it year after year,” he added.

That’s quite true when you think about it. Smartwatches still haven’t got that boost to be a must have thing for many and it’s still not ready. Android Wear in particular haven’t seen enough momentum and Android Wear is having it even worse right now, as the two big smartwatches of 2016, the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Samsung Gear S3, are contained in their own proprietary software ecosystems with WatchOS and Tizen.

It is said that the 2015 model of the Moto 360 will be updated to Android Wear 2.0 when the next version of the OS launches in early 2017. The 2014 model won’t be apparently.

Are you surprised to hear this news coming from Moto? Let us know.

Source – The Verge