Samsung’s aggressive design led to the Galaxy Note 7 explosions according to a new report

We have heard many things in the past about the Exploding Galaxy Note 7 and why it is exploding. We have a new report from Instrumental which says that the aggressive design for the battery on the Galaxy Note 7 might have been the issue behind the multiple explosions that led the company to pull the phablet from the market in the global recall.

According to the report, The way the cell was designed, a pair of polymer layers drenched in electrolytes was used to separate a positive layer made of lithium cobalt oxide, and a negative layer made of graphite. Should those two layers meet, the electrolytes would heat up causing an explosion. Compressing the battery would force the positive and negative layers to squeeze together. In addition, there is a normal amount of swelling that takes place. Some of it comes from the pressure on the battery created through pushing on the back cover.

Instrumental, the company behind the report also provided a High quality picture showing the small gaps.


In order to make the phone thin, the batteries were designed to be carry as much capacity as possible, while keeping to a very small size. The report also mentions that if the phablet had not been recalled, the body of Galaxy Note 7 units throughout the world would probably have separated.

Samsung was taking a risk by shipping a battery that left very little wiggle room for problems. Instrumental also went on to state that,

The design and validation process for a new product is challenging for everyone. In this case, Samsung took a deliberate step towards danger, and their existing test infrastructure and design validation process failed them. They shipped a dangerous product. That this is possible at one of the top consumer electronic companies in the world is humbling — and demonstrates the need for better tools. Instrumental is building them.”

Samsung did shoot itself in the foot. By one calculation, the company will tally more than $5 billion in lost revenue and other costs associated with the recall of the Galaxy Note 7.

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Source – Instrumental