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It’s another day and it’s another Galaxy S8 leak. Galaxy S8 leaks are getting common but this one is kind of special because it looks like a pretty good indication of what we could be getting with the Galaxy S8 with a Live Photo of the device. The device seems to be running the Weibo app.

This image was first leaked on the Chinese social network and on the picture we see a dual-curved screen that stretches edge to edge and no physical button below it. The 3.5-mm audio jack, USB Type-C and a sound grill on the bottom of the phone are also there to see as you see clearly in the image below.

s8 - New Live Photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8 reveals minimal bezels

Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be announced in late March at a special event and launched in mid-April.

My only question to you is, do you like what you see?

Source – Weibo