We have all been very disappointed with Samsung when it comes to 4G Compatibility in their Flagship devices like the S4 & Note 3 in Sri Lanka. The Only way it will work is if we change the phone’s CSC or flash an entirely new Firmware that is compatible with 4G offerings such as Dialog 4G here in Sri Lanka. After trying so many things to get this fixed, We finally have a Easy fix for this. The bad thing about this is that you will need Root Permissions for this to work; otherwise it only takes less than 5 Minutes. Let’s get started.

  • First get your phone Rooted, if you haven’t already done that. Check the XDA Developers Forum for tutorials on How to Root your Device.
  • You also need a Compatible device which has 4G; In this I will be using the Galaxy Note 3 (N9005) and a 4G U-Sim from a Carrier such as Dialog.
  • Open ES File Explorer, enable the Root Explorer mode; on the Fast Access menu

2014-04-12 12.55.00

  • Click on “/Device”

2014-04-12 12.55.24

  • Next Open the “Data” Folder

2014-04-12 12.55.36

  • Next Open the “Property” Folder

2014-04-12 12.56.05

  • Now find the file named, “persist.radio.leton” and open it.

2014-04-12 12.56.29

2014-04-12 12.56.42

2014-04-12 12.57.04

  • Now it will say “false”, so you have to remove it and change it to “true”. (Make sure to use lowercase letters)

2014-04-12 12.57.46 2014-04-12 12.57.55 2014-04-12 12.58.11

  • Now save it and Restart your Phone.

2014-04-12 12.58.56

Now you will see the 4G Option in Settings, under Mobile Networks.

2014-04-12 16.17.45

You can now use 4G, if it is availble in your Area.

Credits – I Would like to Thank Praveen De Soysa for telling me about this fix.

So if you’re having a Samsung Device which isn’t showing the 4G option, by using this method you can get it to work. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes down below in the comments section.

  • Suhara Perera

    @Banu – Bro, this method works like a charm on my Note 3…Thumbs up for you man! Keep up the good work…All the very best!

    • Cool ! Glad it worked… 🙂 Thanks and Stay tuned for more 🙂

  • Suhara Perera

    Bro, just to know…in my Note 3 it shows as “LTE” on the top. Not as in your screenshot like “4G”(Regarding the above screenshot). Why is that?? o.O

  • Jayashan Kariyawasam

    nice bro… thanks alot… 😀

    • Cool! 🙂 Stay tuned to Andro Dollar for more, and Spread the word

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