UPDATED : LEAKED : Codename of a Future Nexus Device; Is this the Nexus 8?

UPDATE : Through an Android 4.4.3 changelist, we’re learning that this “Flounder” device could perhaps be manufactured by HTC. Also, we have learned of the possible existence of another device from Google, codenamed “Molly,” and we think that this maybe the Nexus 6. In the changelist, we see “project device/htc/flounder/,” which tells us that we will most likely be seeing an HTC manufactured Nexus pop up any time soon now. Checkout the image of the changelog which is found at XDA.


Are we getting a another Nexus device? Maybe the Nexus 8? (or Nexus 6?) We’ve seen some reports in the past that claimed the existence of the Nexus 8 like the picture below which popped up on a Google Play Store listing some time back. This New discovery sure does seem to hint at an upcoming Nexus device of some kind.


As some of you may already know Google loves to use sea life codenames for Nexus devices like “Mako” for the Nexus 4,Hammerhead for the Nexus 5, “Manta” for the Nexus 10. But now there’s a new bug report for Chrome filed by a Google employee, and the text string identifying the reporting device includes the name “Flounder”

That’s quite reminiscent of the “flo” codename used for the WiFi-only 2013 Nexus 7, but we’ve never seen it expanded to flounder like this, giving us the distinct impression that we’re looking at new hardware. The bug report also reveals this flounder to be running an SDK development branch of Android, with a build compiled just earlier this week.

A screenshot with the “Flounder” sighting and its OS version is given below.


Previous reports said Google will release a high-end tablet this year, with HTC rumored to make it. Furthermore, Google is expected to release an Android 4.5 update this summer, alongside new Nexus hardware, possibly the Nexus 6 which is going to be based on the LG G3 although nothing is confirmed yet.

We might hear about this at Google I/O this year so keep your eyes open and let us know what you think this device might end-up being.

Source – Google, Android 4.4.3 Changelog

Via – BGR, XDA