LG releases New G Watch promo video

We already know that LG is cooking a Smartwatch for us. We told you about it, the day it was announced along with Android Wear and the Moto 360. We are expecting the LG G watch to launch soon. LG planned to build up some hype on it by giving us a little teaser video of the watch.

So firstly, Checkout this Teaser Video.

We still do not have a confirmed launch date or any prices, but we got rumours about that. We do not have any confirmed specs as well.

We previously learned that the G Watch would come in Stealth Black and Champagne Gold, with black or white bands. LG also announced that the G Watch would come with an always on display, unlike the tap to wake functionality of some of the currently available smartwatches on the market.

Excited Yet? I am.

Source – LG