Moto 360 rumored to be priced at around €249 ($340); Coming in July

According to the French publication Journal du Geek, the Moto 360 smart-watch will cost €249 ($340) with a launch planned sometime in early July. It is not known where the exquisite smart-watch will be selling first, which regions the price reflects, and which countries the Moto 360 will reach.

This is how Motorola first introduced the Moto 360,

If the probable $249 US price tag looks steep, you’ll be able to opt for LG’s Android Wear-based G Watch, which is far from sleek and fashionable, but it will be fairly cheaper. The G Watch will retail for $272 (199 EUR) in France, which gives a good all-around impression of its US price point ($199).

Motorola has been teasing the watch’s design and functionality for a while, but has kept the finer details around it mostly for itself. Unfortunately, rumors say that the Moto 360 will face a limited launch due to yield problems. Manufacturing an analog watch is hard as it is, but fitting complicated electronics in something that has to look so small and sharp must be quite the trial.

We are patiently waiting for this to launch.

Source – BGR