Windows 9 Preview Coming Later This Year with Enhancements to the Desktop

It seems like Microsoft is working hard to improve Windows even more. We know that the second update to windows 8.1 will come dubbed, Windows 8 Update 2 in August. It was said earlier that Microsoft’s Next Major Iteration of Windows will be called Windows 9 and will release next year, but now we get reports claiming the Preview of Windows 9 will be available Later this year to the public (As a Beta). According to ZDNet, the code-name of this will be Threshold.

It is said that Microsoft will work heavily on the Desktop environment and try to integrate Start even more. According to the The Verge, Microsoft is testing versions of Windows that enable the Start Menu by default on desktop machines, and hide the existing Start Screen from use. The Start Screen can be re-enabled in Microsoft’s test builds, and it’s believed that the company will keep this option for desktop users who prefer the tiled Start Screen.

Microsoft showed off some neat concept at Microsoft’s BUILD Developer conference, earlier this year for the Start Menu. We are sure that they will make it even more productive in the final versions. Checkout the Video below to know what exactly I mean here.

Microsoft is also planning to allow Metro apps to float on the desktop in windows, much the same way that traditional x86 applications do today. This is going to be Hot.

What else do you want to see changed with Windows 9? Comments Section is all yours.

Source – Zdnet