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Apple Tops the Best Global Brand Report Again; Google takes Second Place

Brand consultancy firm , Interbrand has released its Best Global Brands rankings for 2014 and once again, the list of 100 firms is owned by tech Giants.

Apple is still in the Top Spot and it is valued at $118.9 billion. It is followed by Google, which isn’t too far off with a brand price of $107 billion. Of the 100 firms on the list, 13 operate in the tech sector, and five of those are in the top ten, which is very interesting. Apart from Apple andd Google; IBM and Microsoft take the fourth and fifth slots in the rankings, and Samsung comes in seventh.

Coca-Cola still sticks in third place after Apple and Google ended it’s Golden 13 year Reign on Interbrand’s list last year.

Interbrand measures a brand’s value by considering financial performance of the company’s products and service, influence on customer choice and the company’s ability to lock down earning and ensure premium price for its products. If this sounds too vague, Interbrand touts its assessment method as the first to be certified by the ISO organization meaning its analysis has been independently approved as accurate.

Here’s the Top 100 for those of you who are interested,

Rankings - Best Global Brands - Interbrand - Andro Dollar

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Source – Interbrand