Video demonstrates Cortana running on Windows 10

Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 back in October. It is currently available as a Developer Preview for anyone to try. I even made a Video tutorial on How To install it to a Virtual Machine. Anyways, before Windows 10 was released, we heard that a later version of Windows 10 will have Cortana built in. Looks like it’s time to see it in action.

WinBeta has got access to Cortana on an unreleased build of Windows 10 and they have made a demo video showing the current capabilities of it. According to them, This version supports most of the features that currently exist in the Windows Phone version, including Checking the weather, Reminders, Calling people (Via Skype), Finding places & Launching apps.

Checkout the Demo video below,

At this moment we don’t have the personalized features of Cortana, like asking her to sing, or asking her personal things but Microsoft is working on more closely integrating the digital assistant into the operating system. We might see more features and improvements in the future versions for sure. It is said that this will be build in to a Developer Preview Build soon, so be on the lookout for that as well.


Are you excited to use Cortana on your Desktop? Let me know down below in the comments section.

Source – WinBeta