Leaked Images reveal that Whatsapp is going to Introduce a Web Client Soon

Whatsapp is a Popular Cross Platform Messaging app with over 600 Million Monthly Active users. One of the main downfalls of Whatsapp is that users have to always use the Smartphones because there is no Web Client, or there is no way of using 2 devices with the Same number. The latest leak says otherwise.

Today a New Leaked image poped up on Google+, and it was removed soon after and it showed the Web Client of Whatsapp (or rather How to pair Whatsapp on the Phone with the Web Client). The user will simply have to scan a QR code to simply access Whatapp on the web for the First time, and once paired it can be used as normally. Checkout the leaked image below.

Whatsapp PC - Andro Dollar

At this point there is no further information on this and The actual web client itself hasn’t leaked yet.

Another rumor that is in the rumor mill for Whatsapp is that they will soon offer voice calling capabilities. Whatsapp was bought by Facebook in 2014, and this shows that Facebook is clearly trying to Improve Whatsapp so that they can compete with other services like Skype and Viber which already offer these.

Source – Iván Álvarez