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Whatsapp Calls now available for anyone on Android

Whatsapp calls went Live a few weeks back, and it was only available for selected users. First there was a Terminal method which allowed the users to get the Calling feature, afterwards Whatsapp opened Whatsapp calls for a Few hours, and the people who updated the app could quickly get a call from a user who already has Whatsapp and Enable the calling feature. Whatsapp again closed it and again opened it a few times. Today they are changing that.

Like I mentioned, Earlier if you wanted to use the voice call feature on the Android version of messaging app WhatsApp, you had to receive a call from someone who already had the feature. Today Whatsapp has opened it to everyone on Android. All you have to do is to Update the app to the latest Version. Download the latest version of Whatsapp from here.

In the New updated version, we have 3 tabs for Calls, Chats and Contacts. Users who already had calls for the past must be very familiar with it now.

Whatsapp Calls - Androdollar

Currently Whatsapp Calls are Only available for Android devices. We have already heard that Whatsapp is working on bringing Whatsapp calls to iOS as well. We have not heard anything about Windows Phones.

So do you think Whatsapp calling is better than the other services? Let me know in the comments below.