Apple Watch Sold out in less than 6 hours

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Apple stepped in to the Smartwatch game late last year by unveiling their first wearable device, and on the 10th of April Apple opened up Pre-Orderes for the device, and now it looks like they have done extremely well.

According to 9To5Mac, Pre-Orders for Every variant of the Apple Watch was “Sold Out” in less than 6 hours. This is for the Initial Stock. New orders of the Sport version wouldn’t be available for shipment until June. However, some of the stainless steel models are still available within four to six weeks. The time span just keeps increasing.

Apple gave the users to select between two different sizes, three base materials, and a wide array of different bands at an extremely high price point as well. The Apple Watch will cost you anywhere between $350-$17000! In-case you missed it, checkout my previous article where I go over all the information of the Apple Watch. For the Price breakdown of the Apple Watch, checkout my article with all the prices and models.

I know that It’s far too early to tell just how successful Apple’s new watch will prove to be but it’s off to a good start, but I personally think the higher number of sales might be due to the Hype around the Brand more than what the produce means for some users.

Let’s wait and see how it will turn out! Do you think these people are buying it for a genuine reason or do you think that half of these people are just getting it for the Hype around the product? Let me know in the comments section below, and share the news with your friends.

Source – 9To5Mac