Sharp announces a 5.5” 4K LCD Display with Pixel Density of 806ppi

4K Displays are coming towards smartphones. We heard that the Galaxy Note 5 might pack a 4K display, and today Sharp has unveiled its First 4K Display for a smartphone. The 5.5” panel has a resolution of 3860 x 2160 pixels for the insane density of 806ppi. Yes you read it correctly.


The IGZO screen utilizes a conventional RGB matrix, meaning there aren’t going to be any issues with sub-pixel rendering. The sad part it, mass production of the panel is proving to be tricky according to Sharp and they are planning to release it in 2016. So we gotta wait a bit more for that.


Samsung might beat Sharp with a 4K Display if they release the Note 4 with a 4K Display as the first Smartphone with a 4K Display. Let’s wait and see. Stay tuned to Andro Dollar for the latest tech news and Share this amazing news with your friends.

Source – Techblog.gr