Whatsapp Web is finally coming to iOS

Whatsapp Web rolled out to Android, Windows & Blackberry users back in January, and it allowed them to use their Computer to send and receive messages. iOS users didn’t have the option to use it due to limitations, but now it seems like the Whatsapp team has figured out a way to enable this. The WhatsApp website’s Whatsapp Web list of supported devices quietly gained iPhone today and a user on Reddit spotted the menu option on their iPhone, using it successfully to set up desktop messaging.


To check if you have the feature already, head into WhatsApp, then settings and look for WhatsApp Web in the list.


Support for pairing with your computer appears to be rolling out right now, if you don’t see it right now, you will see it soon. Make sure to update Whatsapp to the latest version and head to web.whatsapp.com to use the service.

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Source – Reddit