Google Assistant released for some non-Pixel phones with new alpha Google app? [Download APK here]

An alpha version of the Google app which has the version number 6.13 has been released and it appears to enabling the Google Assistant on Non-Pixel phones. The Google Assistant is one of the highlighted features on the new Pixel and Pixel XL by Google and it is also seen in the Google Allo messaging app.

While it most likely is Google’s intention to widen the distribution of Google Assistant over time, the accidental roll out of version 6.13 of Google has brought the AI feature early to handsets like the Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Alcatel Idol 4 among others. Some of those who have sideloaded the new version of Google have been greeted with Google Assistant once they pressed on the home button, similar to how Google Now on Tap is activated. If you have the opportunity to install the alpha on your phone, keep in mind that not everyone who loads it will receive Google Assistant. In addition, it is quite buggy. However, if you still want to give it a shot, you can download the APK here.

The accidental roll out has allowed users to also discover a new feature to Google called “Recent” that will show recently requested search topics which sounds quite handy and a new weather card appears to be in the process of getting tested.

There still could be a rather long period of time ahead before Google officially adds Google Assistant to non-Pixel handsets from what we have heard.

So are you going to give it a shot?

Source – Android Police