HOW TO : Fix and Enable Google Now Cards even if it’s not available in your Location (Working on Any Android device running Android 4.4.4 Kitkat or Below)

UPDATE : Follow this method if you have an Android Lollipop Device.

If you recall, I did a Video Tutorial on How To get Google Now Working on devices that have the region restriction, and it seems like that doesn’t work on newer devices with the latest firmware that has the Updated Google Search App (Search V3+). So as it seems there is a new method to get Google Now cards to pop-up without Root Permissions or without doing a Factory Reset. By using this method you can enable Google Now cards in less than 5 Minutes and this is totally legal. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

I will be demonstrating this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with touchwiz, but It will be similar on Stock Android, or any other skin as well, so feel free to follow along, and if you have problem, don’t hesitate to contact me.

UPDATE : Google has updated the Google Search app to a New Version and on this, it has a separate section for Google Now Cards, so it might not work exactly as mentioned below, but it can easily be fixed by Uninstalling the Google Search App Updates, then Following the Steps given below. When the Google Now Cards are functional, you can update your Google Search to the latest version.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE : Before you begin, make sure all your apps are Updated.

  • First Open Settings & find the Application Manager.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (1)

  • Now swipe left till you get to the “All” Tab.
  • Now Find Google Play services and select it.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (2)


  • Now hit Uninstall Updates, and then confirm by pressing Ok in the next pop up.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (3)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (4)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (5)

  • Then select the Turn Off option.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (6)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (7)

  • Next go back to main settings page and Find the Accounts Section and open it.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (8)

  • Select the one that says, Google.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (9)

  • Now hit on your email address up on top

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (10)

  • Now select Remove Account and select Remove Account.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (11)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (12)

  • Now go back to the Application Manager and Swipe back to the All Tab or Turned Off tab and enable Google Play services. (Do Not Update it yet)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (13)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (14)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (15)


  • Now Go back to the Accounts section once again, select Add Account and select Google from the list. Now Login as usual to your Google Account.
  • EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (16)EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (17)EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (18)EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (19)EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (20)After Logging In, Select the Google Account and then Select the Search Option.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (21)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (22)

  • Now Enable Google Now from the toggle.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (23)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (24)

  • Now go back and open the Google Application (Google Search) from the App drawer. You will see this message on your screen. Now Hit Update Google Play Services.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (25)

  • You will be redirected to the Google Play Store now. Now click update, and wait for it to complete the updating process.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (26)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (27)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (28)

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (29)

  • Now Finally, Go back and open the Google Application (Google Search) and you will see that you have Google Now Cards appear.

EnableGoogleNow_www.androdollar (30)


That’s it guys. Hope you guys found this useful. If you did, don’t forget to share this with your friends, because this is an important tweak that should be used to fix on every device in most Asian countries, since Google has disabled it to work in our region. Now You do not have to worry. Follow this and you will see Google Now cards appear.

Credits – I Would like to Thank Amila Gunasena for telling me about this fix.

Unfortunately, This Doesn’t work on Android Lollipop, But I’m trying to find a Fix for it. I will make a new tutorial and Update this post when I find a Fix for Android Lollipop.

If you try it out, don’t forget to drop a comment with your experience (Whether it worked or not). We would love to hear from you. Have a Good Day.