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Galaxy S Edge Leaked along with the Galaxy S6 in a Newly Leaked Picture

The Galaxy S6 leaks continue. Now We have seen the upcoming device from Samsung in a lot of Angles, and we have seen it in Covers, We have seen it’s metal frame. One thing we haven’t seen so far is the Galaxy S Edge, which is the rumored Curved Screen device, which will be the sucessor to the Galaxy Note Edge. Today, we have got an Image that shows the Galaxy S6 along with the Galaxy S Edge, according to the Poster, the Galaxy Edge.

The leaked image shows a double-edged variant just like the rumor mill pointed out sometime back.

The Galaxy S6 is also very clear in this leaked image and we clearly see that protruding camera in action. According to the rumors, the Galaxy S6 will be very thin, so Samsung will have to have a protruding camera in order to put that mammoth 20MP sensor in.

According to the latest Rumors, the Galaxy S6 will feature a 5″ QHD (1440 x 2560) Super AMOLED Display With the Exynos 7420 Octa-Core SoC and 3GB of RAM. Rumors say that Samsung might ditch the Snapdraggon 810 SoC this time around due to overheating. At the back, the flagship will feature a heart rate monitor, and a flasher like the Galaxy S5 but this time on the side of the Camera module. Talking about the Camera, Samsung will be using a 20MP Sensor on the Galaxy S6. We are also expecting to see a 5MP front facing Camera. The Galaxy S6 will be offered in 4 colours first; Dark blue, Blue-green, Gold, and White. The Galaxy S6 won’t be water resistant according to the latest rumors, but there will be an Active variant of the S6 coming later. We are expecting the Galaxy S6 to pack an improved Fingerprint scanner as well.

I think the same specs will apply to the Galaxy S Edge as well.

We also got to see some more renders of the Galaxy S6 with covers, check them out below.



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Source – Cnet