Newest Leaked Photos show Windows 10 for Phones in action

Microsoft said that they will push the Windows 10 Update to Mobile devices in February, but it isn’t still available yet. That being said, Some people in China, has already got their hands on the latest update and they have leaked some screenshots.

The New leaks show us a lot of stuff from the new Notification Center to the Quick Toggles and also the Update Screen.


The other screenshots we got are in Chinese, but they also show us Windows 10 in Action. We can clearly see the new Recording App, Alarm, and the Keyboard in action. We also get a sneak peak at the New Home Screen that Microsoft showed off at their event back in January. Checkout the Images below.

Like I reported earlier, Windows 10 for Smartphones now has the ability to set custom backgrounds.This allows users to have a much cleaner and more attractive interface. The settings menu has also been cleaned up dramatically just like on the Desktop version of Windows 10. To Learn everything you need to know about Windows 10 for Smartphones, Click Here.

All Windows 8 devices are said to be getting this update to Windows 10 according to the latest claims, and The technical preview of Windows 10 is scheduled to arrive later this month. Stay tuned to Andro Dollar because I will inform you when it hits the masses.

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Source – WMPU, ITHome