The Galaxy Note 3 got the Android Lollipop OTA Update just a few days ago, and the Galaxy S5 got it in early December as I reported, and today Samsung has started rolling out the Android Lollipop update to the Users of the Galaxy S4 (I9500) Starting in Russia.

The Android Lollipop (5.0.1) update is pretty heavy, as it is 1049 MB.

A lot of changes are present. We have already seen what has changed from the previously released preview videos by Sammobile. It has a similar look and feel to touchwiz, but has Lollipop design aspects all over. According to the Source, the Battery Life and Performance should also be better.

We also saw the Android Lollipop firmware of the Galaxy S4 being compared to the Android Kitkat Firmware also on the Galaxy S4. In-case you want to see the changes clearly, check it out.

Even though the update is only released for people in Russia at the moment, it can be flashed on to any Galaxy S4 with the model number I9500 via Odin.

Simply Download this and flash via Odin.

I already made a Video tutorial on how to install the Lollipop Firmware on to the Galaxy S5, but the steps are the same so you can follow that by using the Galaxy S4’s Firmware.

The other varients of the Galaxy S4 will also see the update pop up soon. Now 3 Major Flagships have got the Lollipop update, but the Note 4 has still not got the Lollipop Update. It is said that this is to do with the Gear VR, and the Update will land soon. Stay tuned to Andro Dollar to know when it hits the Note 4 as well, and share this with your buddies with the Galaxy S4.

Source – Sammobile

  • Miguel Fuentes

    Does this have Google play services included, Google play store? Unlike the Chinese version?

    • This is the Official Version by Samsung so it has everything!

  • Brian

    Nice video, we’ll explained!

    • Thanks… Yes, As many people noted. Probably that had something to do with the Source.

  • Dhananjay Rakshe

    some of the bloat ware is actually useful and “smart scroll” was one of them which is surprisingly missing from the update!

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